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Healing the Battered Heart© Retreats have been specially designed for women who have been in or are trying to extricate themselves from an abusive marriage or relationship. The 3-day retreat serves as an emotionally safe haven from which to begin to sort out the past and make peace with it. By understanding one's choices, the woman can make plans to create a life that is free from violence, terror, anguish and pain.

In a serene and luxurious setting away from the city (approximately a 40-minute drive from Chicago's O'Hare airport), participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Release themselves from the fears and post-traumatic symptoms that linger even years after leaving their abusers;
  • Rebuild their self-esteem, which has been shattered or eroded;
  • Internalize a new sense of strength;
  • Begin to plan and construct a new life course;
  • Experience the inner peace that starting over can offer.
Healing the Battered Heart© Retreats are offered twice a year. The fees for the intensive 3-day retreat cover: all costs for the retreat, designed and facilitated by Dr. Weitzman; elegant accommodations; all meals and snacks; and all retreat materials.

For more information about these retreats including details, fees, dates, and application forms, please write to request a brochure; include your U.S. postal address as well as your e-mail address (and phone number, if you wish to be called). Requesting a brochure does not automatically add you to our mailing list, so please indicate if you would like to be added. All privacy is assured in requesting brochures or mailing list participation (see Privacy Statement on this website). Retreats are limited to 12 people to ensure the opportunity for very personalized work, so be sure to book early.

See upcoming dates.

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