In her book, Not to People Like Us, Dr. Susan Weitzman explores a heretofore overlooked population of battered wives--the highly-educated and upper-income women who rarely report abuse and remain trapped by their own silence, imprisoned by their own privilege.
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June 24-26, 2016: You're invited to the upcoming 3-Day Healing Retreat weekend, "Life Beyond Abuse: The Best Is Yet To Be" with Dr. Susan Weitzman. This retreat is designed for women who are or have been in a physically and/or emotionally abusive relationship and offers a safe haven in which to heal and feel supported. If you are interested in attending, please email Dr. Susan Weitzman for information on the all-inclusive retreat package, as well as registration form documents. We look forward to the opportunity to spend healing time together as you more forward on your journey beyond abuse.

Not to People like Us: Hidden Abuse in Upscale Marriages  is the groundbreaking book written by Dr. Susan Weitzman after many years of research on upscale violence. The first book of its kind to lift the veil of silence on abuse in upper educated and upper income families. Founder and Director of The Weitzman Center and practicing in Chicago, Dr. Weitzman has been featured on Oprah (called the "national expert on abusive relationships"), 20/20, National Public Radio, Fox news and in People magazine, The New York Post, Self Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune, offering her expertise on the dynamics and dangers of abusive relationships. LEARN MORE.

The Weitzman Center was organized in November 2001to offer support, information and referrals to victims of domestic violence in upscale families, and to provide resources and education for the helping professionals who work with them.
The Weitzman Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We welcome contributions to the growth of the Center and fulfillment of its mission to heighten awareness of the victimization and re-victimization of the abused. To receive our Care Kit or to make a donation, go to

Not to People Like Us is available in paperback. The book has been highly acclaimed and was featured on Oprah for exploring a heretofore overlooked population of battered wives—the highly-educated and upper-income women who rarely report abuse and remain trapped by their own silence. Order the book from Amazon.

The first step toward healing is to recognize that you are not alone. This site is an online gathering place for women who are enduring or have survived upscale domestic abuse, for concerned friends and family members and for compassionate professionals. Use this site to learn more about this hidden problem; as a guide to helpful resources, referrals and related sites; and, most importantly, as a safe place from which to seek help and make contact, if necessary. We encourage you to take our test to determine whether your are an upscale abused woman. You can also visit our sister site, The Weitzman Center, for more information about helping resources.

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